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What Clients Say

The idea that a doctor would give you your money back if you don’t get better! Which I did! Simply amazing!! I Love Love Love Dr. P!!!

Sakura Aoki

After undergoing microvascular decompression (a surgical procedure whereby they drill a hole in your head) to treat my trigeminal neuralgia; and experiencing absolutely no improvement with my symptoms. I was at my wits end. The pain was excruciating and only seemed to be getting worse. And so I started to do a little digging of my own for other treatment options. This is when I happened across Dr. Ponquinette's website. I was amazed at his non-drug, non surgical approach. When I brought the idea of seeing Dr. Ponquinette up to my neurosurgeon he laughed and tried to discredit the idea. Having a mind of my own I went to see Dr. Ponquinette anyway. I thought "what could it hurt?" I've been going to this particular neurosurgeon for over three years with no change for the better. It was the best decision I ever made! Less than months later I was completely pain free! I am eternally grateful! Thank you Dr. Scott for all your hard work and for caring so much! 

Vivian Truitt 

10 years of being misdiagnosed with chronic sinusitis and at one point as having a psychosomatic condition (aka it's all in my head disorder). I can't express how disheartening and frustrating my experience has been with my previous healthcare providers. I mean having the audacity to question whether or not I was being truthful with what it was I was experiencing day in and day out. There was a point where I couldn't even go outside to play with my 5 year old daughter. I was in so much pain. Eventually I was referred by a colleague to Dr. Scott Ponquinette. Within one month, Dr. Scott finally helped get me on the right regimen to completely alleviate the constant and life altering headaches I was having. I stand here today taking no medications! No more tears! No more being curled up in my bed with the curtains drawn closed! Dr. Scott really helped me get back to daily life! What's more, the procedure was surprisingly enjoyable. Highly recommend! Highly!!

Carole Kobelnick

I have been working with Dr. Scott Ponquinette since January of this year. He has saved my life! I was struggling with trigeminal neuralgia for years. Being an M.D myself and subscribing to the conventional forms of medicine; I saw countless doctors; had multiple surgeries; and have taken innumerable amounts of prescription drugs and over the counter medications, all to no avail. Anyone who is suffering from this debilitating and life altering condition can attest to the agonizing pain that comes along with it. Which is why it's commonly referred to as "the most excruciating pain known to humanity". Moreover, I was told by my neurosurgeon that TN was just something I'd have to contend with my for the rest of my life. Not satisfied with what I was hearing coupled with the poor results I was experiencing; I, with a thoroughly trained scientific mind, decided to do a little of my own investigating. It was around this time a friend of mine suggested I go see Dr. Ponquinette. She indicated that he was results driven, did not prescribe drugs and had a non-invasive and very effective approach to treating neurological conditions. Moreover, that he would give me a complete refund of any and all moneys spent for care; in the event the treatment wasn't successful. I thought to myself "this is a no-brainer”; and what do I have to lose. I was hopeless and had tried everything else. And so I sought him out. He treated me right away, did extensive tests, and determined the right course of action. He was patient; compassionate and listened  intently to my every word. In my case it took a mere three months; and with his expertise, I am now completely free of all symptoms associated with TN. Thank you, Dr. Ponquinette! You are an angel!!!

Dr. Abrams 

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